2015, NEW YORK

In 2015, Raul Mourão proceeded to register the human landscape of a metropolis – more precisely, the people who move about beneath it, under the asphalt, inside the carriages of the New York metro. Thus emerged the series of documentary photos entitled Metropix: snapshots of people in transit through the city.

The people did not know they were being photographed. Mourão made the portraits on his cell phone in such a way as not to be noticed, disguising the camera in a process he calls “blind photography”.

“Metropix is an ode to photography where the human figure is the protagonist, a break from the work of the studio and a tribute to Walker Evans”, says Mourão, in reference to one of the most celebrated North American photographers who, between 1938 and 1941, photographed people in the carriages of the New York metro, always using a hidden camera.