In the solo exhibition, In My Opinion, held at the Plutschow Gallery in June 2017, Raul Mourão took a series of original works from his different artistic pursuits to Zurich, Switzerland; he showed kinetic sculptures, paintings, works on paper, photography and video. Among these works, were the sculptures of the series Garrafas, where Mourão introduces everyday objects into his “seesaws”. While the paintings of In My Opinion form part of the series Janela/Window, which the artist has been working on since 2014 and already exhibited at shows in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and New York. Among the works on paper, he showed delicate studies that interact with architectural forms, and which recall windows and stairs. In the final exhibition room, there was a screening of the film Bang Bang #1. Here, the bottles incorporated into the kinetic sculptures are the targets of bullets that issue from six firearms.